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The last night I knew You

The last night I knew You

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Kylie Wilson is summoned back home after her grandmother dies. Kylie has not returned to Willow Breeze Campground since her parents were murdered there in a house fire ten years earlier. Her twin sister, Kara, went missing that same night as well. Kylie knows that she will never receive closure until she finds out if Kara is still alive. Did Kylie have something to do with her parents' death? The local police detective thinks that Kylie or Kara could be guilty.

Kylie's psychologist follows her back home to Tennessee to her family's campground to prevent another murder while she's there. After all, Kylie is seeing things, has regular anxiety attacks, and can't tell what is real or imagined at times. Does her doctor think she might have killed her own parents?

A twist emerges at the end when the true murderer is revealed. More twists and turns wind through the novel as all of this unfolds. Will Kylie survive this time or will the killer complete what they started ten years ago?

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